Whether you live, work or attend school in Upper Arlington, you are an important part of this community. Healthy UA hopes to inspire each of us to live healthy and be well.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is a way of living that encourages good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
Being healthy includes becoming aware of and choosing a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our Wellness Guides

  • Smiling blond girl
    Emotional Wellness

    Find resources on a variety of topics related to emotional wellness including managing stress, maintaining a positive mental attitude, bullying and peer pressure, and behavioral health topics.

  • Old barn and wildflowers
    Environmental Wellness

    This guide will help you find resources on a variety of topics related to environmental wellness, including recycling programs, appreciating and conserving our natural resources, and eating locally.

  • Woman holding a book
    Intellectual Wellness

    We researched and sourced a variety of topics related to intellectual wellness including local classes and workshops, museums, cultural arts, online learning, current events and much more in this guide.

  • Berries tumbling onto wooden table
    Nutritional Wellness

    Avail yourself of our resources for nutritional wellness about eating properly, understanding package labeling and ingredient lists, food safety, managing eating disorders and addressing special dietary concerns.

  • A compass and notebook on a workbench
    Occupational Wellness

    In this guide you'll find curated resources on a variety of topics related to career and occupational wellness including job hunting, skills development and finding personal satisfaction and enrichment in your work or profession.

  • Portrait of a young man on the beach
    Physical Wellness

    Find select resources in this guide concerning common health concerns, first aid procedures, physical fitness and avoiding the use of tobacco or illicit drugs, and more.

  • A laughing woman and a man planting a garden
    Social Wellness

    This guide will help you find resources on a variety of topics related to social wellness including volunteerism and participating in clubs or community activities.

  • Small tower of pebbles balancing on each other
    Spiritual Wellness

    With links and search tips on a variety of topics including being open to different cultures and religions, spending time alone or in personal reflection, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, this guide can help you find resources about spiritual wellness.